About Avatar Technologies
Avatar Technologies is an experienced provider of management and technology consulting services. Avatar is a small, woman-owned business staffed with an exceptional team of seasoned management, technology and engineering consultants. Avatar has a stellar performance record collaborating on programs for the US government including Department of Defense agencies and NASA.
Customer Focused

Whether we work as the prime contractor or as a dedicated sub-contractor, we are focused on the strategic objectives of the customer. Our outstanding performance history gives our customers confidence that we are able to successfully tackle complex requirements, goals and missions.

Quality Driven

Ask anyone that works with us about our approach and you’ll find out that we aren’t relying on cookie-cutter solutions or a process we developed in the past, but rather that we focus on each job with fresh solutions that will not only stand the test of time, but come in on time, on budget and address every goal. As a result, Avatar is always exceptionally rated and highly regarded as a valued and trusted partner.


Avatar is able to work in a variety of roles and provide a diverse set of services. Due to our modest corporate size, we are able to jump start projects and fast track the process to help customers tackle pressing problems and tight time lines. We collaborate with the world’s best rated companies to complement and enhance our services in order to provide comprehensive expertise to every customer.



Kajal G. Pancholi, P.E.

President & Chief Executive Officer