Welcome back, Lauren!

This summer we are happy to welcome back one of our interns from 2011, Lauren Woodbridge! She did such a wonderful job for us last summer, and we are thrilled to have her back for another year. She will be providing Configuration Management support for the Ground Systems Development and Operations (GSDO) program.



Summer internship: experiences you can’t get in a classroom

Avatar Intern Program tour    Avatar Intern Program Kennedy Space Center

For Lauren Woodbridge, a summer internship provides experiences she’ll never get in a classroom. A computer science major at the University of South Florida, Lauren worked with Avatar this summer supporting configuration/data management and doing Sharepoint development. In her position, Lauren is involved with determining the requirements and practices for information management such as the document review process and records management.

“My internship with Avatar has been such a rewarding experience,” says Lauren Woodbridge. “I’ve had so much fun working at Kennedy Space Center in the professional environment – in regards to both office and launch operations. Avatar has been very good to us!”

Embry Riddle student gains new perspective

Avatar Intern at Kennedy Space Center  Space Shuttle Atlantis

Matthew Perry wasn’t sure what to expect when he began his Internship with Avatar this summer, but he was pleased he was able to get a position that fit him perfectly. An aerospace engineering major at Embry Riddle University, Matt has supported Operations Integration MPCV to Ground Systems Mockup Development. In this job, he spends most of his time in the Space Station Processing Facility supporting the mockup effort of the MPCV spacecraft.

“This assignment has provided me with an entirely new perspective on the engineering and design process,” says Matt Perry. “These models have shown me that even the best designs or processes on paper may be extremely challenging to execute in the field. Experiences like this will give me an edge when I graduate.”

Chemical engineering major supports IT & Project Management

Avatar Summer Intern at Kenndy Space Center   Shuttle Crawler Kennedy Space Center with Avatar Interns


Drew Neihart, a chemical engineering major at the University of South Florida, joined Avatar this summer as one of three interns. Drew supported IT Management and Integrated Project Management involved in such projects as the close out of all ODIN hardware as part of the close of the Constellation Program. As Drew puts it, “I was right in the middle of planning the next steps our country takes into space.”

Drew says he’s glad he didn’t spend his summer any other way. “Being an intern for Avatar Technologies has been an enlightening and enjoyable experience,” says Drew Neihart. “The people at Avatar are great to work with and have set me up with incredible opportunities. Working for Avatar meant being not only part of a great team and doing great work, but being able to contribute and seeing parts of my work in put into action.”

Avatar welcomes summer interns at Kennedy Space Center

Avatar Summer Intern at Kenndy Space Center  Avatar Intern at Kennedy Space Center

Avatar internship program at Kennedy Space Center


This summer Avatar welcomes Drew Neihart (Top Left: University of South Florida), Matthew Perry (Top Right; Embry Riddle University) and Lauren Woodbridge (Bottom: University of South Florida) as interns. It will be a historic summer at Kennedy Space Center with the close of the Space Shuttle program and Drew, Matt and Lauren will not only learn a lot at their jobs but will be able to enjoy many unique experiences with ‘behind-the-scenes’ access for the last launch of Discovery and Atlantis. Welcome interns!