Avatar Technologies Contracts & Experience





Launch Support - Avatar personnel have provided launch support for the government customer at several of the national ranges. We are familiar with the processes and procedures for pre-launch, launch and hot wash activities at the ranges of interest to the launch community; Wallops Flight Facility, and the Eastern and Western Ranges, and can facilitate launch related activities for our customers.

Design and Development - Avatar management has successfully lead teams responsible for:

  • Avatar is a premier subcontractor supporting Millennium Engineering and Integration (MEI) on the KLXSII contract at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. This contract provides support to the NASAGround Systems Development and Operations (GSDO) Program Office by providing technical and programmatic support to the KSC LX organization. This support includes planning and developing concepts of operation, architectures, requirements, interfaces and verification/validation of ground systems to support flight vehicles, logistics planning, and spacecraft integration providing safe and effective launch systems to support future human exploration.
  • Design, development and deployment of flight safety critical systems directly used for launch support at the ER, WR, and Wallops Flight Facility.
  • Development of Simulink-based modeling and simulation code for orbital simulations for the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) program. This included simulation of the sensors, actuators and flight dynamics of the spacecraft. Our model based software development produced code that was tightly bound to the flight computer and supported PIL/HWIL test and verification.
  • Design support for flight hardware for Orion, Ares I, Ares V and Altair projects including efforts for the Lunar Lander Concept Free Flight Hover Testing.

Integration and Test – Avatar personnel have supported integration and test activities from the smallest component level to aggregate system level testing for operational acceptance.

  • We implemented automated unit level and scenario testing for software products, which greatly reduces errors and regression test times.
  • Our modeling and simulation software was criticalto the test and check out for Lunar Landerand LADEE.
  • We support operations planning for LX at KSC for new heavy lift vehicles specifically, in the area of test and verification planning from the component level to the vehicle to ground systems interface and final test and checkout.
  • We bring both spacecraft and launch vehicle expertise to our customers.