Kennedy Ground Operations Project Office Project Management Services (KLXSII)

Contract Number

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)Agency Sponsor
Kennedy Space Center
Cape Canaveral, FL

Point of Contact
Kajal Pancholi, President & CEO
(443) 980-7836

Team Members
Millennium Engineering and Integration Company
Red Canyon Engineering & Software
All Points Logistics LLC
Schafer Corporation
Booz Allen Hamilton
Netlander Inc.

Contract: Kennedy Ground Operations Project Office Project Management Services (KLXSII) Kennedy Space Center, FL - Avatar is a premier subcontractor supporting Millennium Engineering and Integration (MEI) on the KLXSII contract at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. This contract provides support to the NASA Ground Systems Development and Operations (GSDO) Program Office by providing technical and programmatic support to the KSC LX organization. This support includes planning and developing concepts of operation, architectures, requirements, interfaces and verification/validation of ground systems to support flight vehicles, logistics planning, and spacecraft integration providing safe and effective launch systems to support future human exploration.

Ground System Support – Avatar has been actively involved in the development activities related to supporting new vehicles at Kennedy Space Center.• Providing Command, Control, and Communication project management to support future commercial users and the Exploration mission.

• Developed the functional block diagrams to aid in the development of future ground systems supporting heavy launch vehicle(s).

• Provided detailed assessment of the 30% / 60% / 90% design review packages and provided cross element integration ensuring integration across the ground systems and launch vehicle programs.

Our team has been commended by the customer for the level of technical expertise that we bring to these activities.

Systems Engineering & Integration – Avatar has extensive experience in coordinating across agencies to achieve mission goals. Avatar has been a leader for the KLXSII SE&I effort providing direction in requirements maturation, architecture refinement, and technical process development. Avatar leads a team of prime and subcontract team members to shape the future for the GSDO Program.

• Intimately involved in collecting NASA, commercial, and other government requirements for developing the Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Sites.

• Goals, needs, and objectives of multiple customers are collected, synthesized and delivered to the operations team to develop Concepts of Operations (CONOPS).

• From these CONOPS, Avatar has been developing the architecture to determine how KSC will allocate the facilities/capabilities to the multiple customers.

• Involved in multiple trade studies to optimize the architecture and reduce the life cycle operations and maintenance (O&M) cost. Avatar has led the SE&I team from identification of needs through project evaluation, selection and funding. We are currently supporting requirements management in preparation for major milestone reviews. Avatar’s SE&I role will support development of the KSC infrastructure for multiple customers while reducing the cost to access space.

Avatar supports GSDO at KSC by evaluating the plans and procedures for assembly. We ensure that the flight hardware interfaces to the ground systems are correct and that integration plans are reasonable. Our team has been tasked to do special studies such as:

• Ground assessments for thrust oscillation and rocket drift analysis

• Development of a mock up of the Crew Module and Crew Access Arm for risk reduction and to improve operability.

• Allocation of multiple assets to address individual commercial needs

We continue to provide engineering expertise as a trusted advisor to the government customer. Avatar was selected to be the lead in developing the architecture for the Future State Definition, a collaborative effort between NASA, 45th Space Wing, Space and Missile Systems Center, and AF Space Command to identify requirements to meet the evolving needs of multiple customers.

Avatar authored the document, “Florida Launch Site, Optimizing Launch Opportunities, Supporting Multiple Customers” documenting the work of the GSDO. The paper was accepted and presented at the 2011 International Astronautics Conference, Cape Town South Africa.the Another document developed by Avatar was “Evolution of the Florida launch site architecture, enhancing launch opportunities” which was presented at the 2012 IEEE Aerospace Conference in Big Sky MT.

Operations and Integration – Avatar was selected to provide logistics support working the transition of the Shuttle assets and conducting long range planning for addressing reduced life cycle costs for maintaining the next generation human exploration launch system.

Avatar believes our commitment goes beyond outstanding service to our customers. We have partnered with the Brevard Workforce to find employment for displaced aerospace workers. Avatar has successfully placed four individuals into exciting opportunities laying the ground work for the next generation human space flight.