Quality Assurance

Avatar Technologies’ (Avatar) Quality Management System (QMS) policies and procedures have been institutionalized and adhere to those practice areas outlined by the International Organization of Standards (ISO 9001-2000) and ASQ AS9001.  Avatar maintains and continually improves our QMS through regularly scheduled audits, program reviews, and continuous improvement activities and through a robust, closed loop corrective and preventive action process.

Avatar’s Quality Policy

Avatar complies with our establish processes and procedures to meet customer requirements.

Our Quality Policy rests on three principles:

  • Working on the right goals and objectives
  • Achieving customer satisfaction
  • Participating as a team to achieve company goals and current and future growth

Adhering to this policy has formed the basis of our early corporate successes.  We urge our employees continued commitment to our policy to assure our current and future success.

Our Quality Policy is established by the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  Our policy is consistent with Avatar’s organizational goals and meets the needs of our customers.  Our Quality Policy is combined with our corporate goals and objectives to form Quality Objectives, which are used to measure our overall corporate success and to identify any areas that may require continued improvement.

Our QMS documentation includes:

  • A stated quality policy and quality objectives
  • A quality manual
  • Required documented procedures
  • Additional supporting work instructions and/or procedures needed by the organization to ensure consistent, repeatable, and measurable  operational performance outcome
  • Quality records, where required by ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100

The following steps are used to identify the processes and procures needed to successfully implement the QMS:

  • Identify the processes needed  and their application
  • Identify and ensure interaction of all processes
  • Identify the methods needed to ensure operation and control of processes and records
  • Identify resources necessary to support for monitoring the processes and their institutionalization
  • Continuously monitor, measure, and analyze QMS data and processes to achieve planned results and continued improvement

Our President and CEO:

  • Has the ultimate responsibility for the overall QMS and its operational effectiveness
  • Initiates and maintains an organizational structure responsible for the administration of all elements of the QMS
  • Appoints and assigns staff members the responsibility and authority for ensuring that the QMS is understood, implemented, and maintained.

Our employees are committed to the development and implementation of the QMS and continually improving its effectiveness.  Our employees and management staff have the organizational freedom and authority to:

  • Initiate action to prevent the occurrence of any nonconformities relating to product, process or the Quality System
  • Identify and record any problems relating to the product, process, and quality system
  • Initiate, recommend and provide solutions through designated channels
  • Verify the implementation and institutionalization of solutions
  • Control further processing, delivery, or installation of nonconforming product until the deficiency or unsatisfactory condition has been corrected

Avatar’s leadership team ensures that customer requirements are determined and met to continually enhance Avatar’s reputation as a trusted advisor and to ultimately increase customer satisfaction. This commitment includes continually monitoring our QMS through regular quality management reviews and internal audits and then implementing the appropriate corrective and preventive actions.